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Future Litters


Planning for 2022

We greatly appreciate the interest in our puppies! Based on our family travel plans (hoping to get out more this year than we have in the past two!) and timing for our girls, we anticipate our next potential litters to be in Fall/Winter 2022. Of course, we need to ensure that each of our golden gals have had appropriate pre-breeding health check-ins and work with our reproductive veterinarian to make the best decisions. We have not yet started a waitlist for our litters as they are several months away and we recognize family plans (ours or yours!) can change in that extended timeframe. Please continue to watch this page, and our social media, for future puppy announcements. 

Adult Goldens


Adoption Stand-By List

While it does not happen often, occasionally we will have an older puppy or adult golden to place for adoption. Adoption fees may vary case-by-case based on unique circumstances of re-homing (e.g. to cover travel expenses or veterinary care). If you are interested in being on our stand-by list to be considered to become an adoptive family, please fill out our inquiry form and indicate you are interested in adopting an adult golden.

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