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Puppy Reservation Inquiry

Please reach out to us by clicking on the Puppy Reservation Inquiry button on our puppy pages or our Contact Us form for initial questions. If you are interested in a puppy the first step is to complete our puppy application on Good Dog. We would love to hear about you and the type of puppy you are interested in (e.g., male/female, timing, registration type, etc). Once we receive your application, we will set up a time to talk over the phone to answer any questions you may have - and discuss whether we will have a puppy available which suits your needs. If you are interested in joining our waitlist, there is a small fee to join and spots are limited based on our anticipated upcoming litters. The waitlist will keep your place 'in line' to make a puppy reservation when one becomes available. The waitlist fee is refundable if we are not able to offer you a puppy from your desired litter(s).



Confirm a Reservation By Placing a Deposit

Once we have confirmed that we have a male/female puppy from your desired litter available, we will accept a reservation. In order to confirm a reservation for a puppy, we ask for a non-refundable deposit which can be made via cash or paypal (I prefer no checks in order to keep your personal banking/financial information private - I prefer not to see that stuff!). We establish a puppy 'pick order' based on the order of deposit received.  In certain litters, we may hold the first two slots for AKC Full Registration and all others would be for pet homes with AKC Limited Registration. So depending on timing of your reservation, you may not know exactly which puppy will be yours - we only confirm the litter and gender - and in some litters there may be some color variation - so we ask that you place a deposit only if you are comfortable with that.



Come Meet the Puppies on Visiting Days

We offer regular visiting days in our home, typically every other weekend, to families with a confirmed reservation. The puppies grow so quickly in those initial 8 weeks,  each visit you will see and experience their development (e.g., opening their eyes, learning to eat, learning to walk, starting to play, etc). For health reasons, we do have to limit visitors when puppies are very young and we will let you know the visiting schedule for your litter. When you come for a visit, please be prepared to leave your shoes at the front door and get a little messy from playing with the pups! These visits help to socialize the puppies and get used to lots of different people from the start. NOTE ON COVID-19: Due to the current health pandemic we have suspended in-person visits - for your health and safety as well as ours. In lieu of in-person visits we are live-streaming the puppies from the time that they are a few days old so that reserved puppy families can watch them on webcam!



Pick Your Puppy After 5 Weeks of Age

As mentioned above, we do our puppy picking in order of deposit received. We wait until 5-6 weeks of age to begin the picking process as that is when their little personalities begin to shine through. Some puppies are very confident and will be the first to try new things, and others may be a bit more mellow and happy to let others go first! I will offer a few insights on what I have seen in each pup's personality to help make the best match for your family's lifestyle :). Note, all puppies will be healthy, well-socialized and are expected to have a friendly, curious and affectionate golden retriever temperament.



Puppy Pick Up Day and Final Payment

Puppies will be ready to go home at 8 weeks of age and we will let you know early on the pick up date so that you can plan ahead. Puppies will go home with their veterinary records (initial vaccinations and deworming), AKC paperwork, information on our health warranty, a week's supply of puppy food, and one of their litter blankets (smells like their momma and siblings) to help in their transition. We ask for final payment via paypal at least one day prior to pick up (or at eight weeks if they are staying longer), or on pick day we can only accept cash (again - please no checks!).  



Reach Out With Questions and Send Puppy Updates

Those first few weeks at home are quite a transition for puppies and families. They are getting used to a new environment, learning what's expected of them and adapting to sleeping amongst 'their hoomans' instead of their puppy siblings. It's important to introduce them to new people, places and things - while helping them to understand expectatiosn in the world around them. The first 6-12 months are precious and sweet as they grow so quickly, and also include developmental stages like starting training, housebreaking and puppy teething. We are here to answer any questions you may have -- and we love to receive photos and stay updated on how your pup is doing! This ongoing communication helps us to keep learning and to continuously improve our small breeding program.

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