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Elkridge Finley Blizzard


Finley is just about the cutest dog ever born (not that I am biased at all!). He is a charming and affectionate English Cream Golden Retriever. He loves to cuddle and explore. His parents,  Missy & International Champion Just Fisher from ElkRidge Goldens in Montana, are some of the most beautiful goldens we have ever seen. We are so thrilled to have Finley as a part of our family!

A few folks have asked for close-ups of

Creekside Chloe Shooting Star


Chloe is a fun-loving golden! She absolutely loves to play with any kids or dogs she can find. She is super friendly, smart, and eager to please (she rings a bell when she wants to go outside and knows countless commands). Chloe is our most athletic and LOVES to swim!!!


Ch Tramin Capitolina


Lina also joined our family from Ukraine from the famed Tramin Kennels! Lina is a beautiful and accomplished conformation competitor, having earned her Championship title. She has a lovely light golden coat and a calm, curious, and friendly personality. She is truly a delight!


Princess Charlotte of Oak Hills English Goldens


Charlotte is a sweet and athletic golden gal!! She has a very light coloring (nearly white) and lovely blocky head. Her father is the well-known Champion Rus Pekos Krasavec (Cruft's qualifier in 2019 & 2020). She absolutely loves playing and is especially focused on the 'little ones' of the house - she loves hanging our with our kiddos and is exceptionally curious and playful with the furry little ones too. 


JrCh Tramin Sorinsa


Copper is just about the sweetest girl we have ever met. She is confident and affectionate with a lovely dark golden coat that has just a bit of curl to it. She has a lovely big blocky head and large paws. Her father is the renowned International Champion (C.I.B) Tramin Key Moon and Copper herself earned a Junior Championship of conformation (2x J.CAC) before leaving Europe and coming to the U.S. Her pedigree is stellar. More importantly, she is a wonderful family member. Copper loves to go for walks, carry around stuffies, and just be petted or in the company of her peeps. 


Ch Tramin Lolita

LOLITA (Retired)

Lolita (aka "Lolo") is just as smart and friendly as she is beautiful - and just a perfect member of the family! She is accomplished in the conformation show rings in Europe, where she was awarded 3x CACIB and a BOB, earning her the title of Champion of Moldova. Her father is the renowned C.I.B., CanGCH Tramin De Bon Matin. Lolita has a gorgeous creamy, blonde coat and big blocky head. She loves playing with our kids & dogs and going for hikes outdoors.


Ch Tramin Lubava

AVA (Retired)

Ava joined us all the way from the Ukraine from the famed Tramin Kennels! Ava is quite accomplished in the European showring, having earned the Intermediate Class Championship of Moldova, 3x CAC, 3xCACIBs - her conformation is excellent. Even more importantly, she is a super sweet, playful and affectionate gal. Her pedigree is top notch with champions from Tramin (of course), Morning Valley, Ramchaine, Zampanzar, Majik and more. Ava is now enjoying her retirement with her best friend Bella.


Princess Phoebe Athena of Mt Olympus

BEE (Retired)

Sweet Phoebe has been such a wonderful golden momma! She did a great job teaching and raising the little ones. Phoebe is now enjoying her retirement with her best friend Charlie, going on walks, and chasing squirrels. 

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