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Current Litter


Our Last Litter!!

For the past year we have been on hiatus, focusing on family and health (and traveling a little bit too!) and spending precious time with our kids, parents, and doggos. With the ever changing seasons of life and big life events, we need to continue to focus our energies this way. Considering the ages of our golden gals, we made the decision to retire them from breeding and let them just live their best lives. However, we had one surprise along the way in this journey - yep, one last litter! 

We have puppies available from Copper and Finley who will be ready to go home VERY soon - late January 2023. Because this is our last litter and we haven't been able to do the usual live cam / weekly puppy visits etc, we are asking just a minimal adoption fee to help offset expenses of raising this litter. If you are interested, please click on the link below to the puppy page.


Birth: November 27, 2022

Go Home: January 22, 2023

Adult Goldens


Adoption Stand-By List

While it does not happen often, occasionally we will have an older puppy or adult golden to place for adoption. Adoption fees may vary case-by-case based on unique circumstances of re-homing (e.g. to cover travel expenses or veterinary care). If you are interested in being on our stand-by list to be considered to become an adoptive family, please fill out our inquiry form and indicate you are interested in adopting an adult golden.

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