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Bee & Hunter Puppies - Arrived June 6, 2017

Bee and Hunter's  (Lake Chelan Goldens) puppies have arrived!!! They were born on June 6th - eight in all - three girls and five boys. Puppies will be ready to go home on August 1st when they are eight weeks old.


Puppies are $1,500 with AKC registration (limited). To reserve a puppy, a $300 deposit is required and will be applied towards the puppy price ($1,200 due upon pick-up).



Please note - puppy selection is still in progress based on pick order below.  All of the puppies have friendly, curious, and playful yet easy-going personalities - just as you would expect of a golden retriever!

Bee & Hunter Puppies
Confirmed Reservations


1. Megan H -- Light Blue Girl

2. Anne G - Violet Girl

3. Christina K -- Yellow Girl


1. James N -- Orange Boy

2. Megan & Ethan B - Gray Boy

3. Edward & Sandra L - Red Boy

4. Douglas & Aimee R -- Dark Blue Boy

5. Chris & Stacy B -- Green Boy

Deposit Information

Please contact me prior to making a deposit at Once I have confirmed that we have a girl or boy puppy available for you, I will accept a deposit via paypal.

PayPal Payments

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