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Top 5 Reasons to NOT Get a Golden Retriever

5. They shed – a lot. When you have a golden retriever you will not just have to invest in some great brushes and ‘the Furminator’ – you may find yourself buying the Costco-sized bundle of lint rollers and a vacuum cleaner with a special animal hair attachment.

4. Puppies are a ton of work. It’s really a good thing that they are so darned cute and cuddly, because there will be days that they drive you absolutely batty. They are like little ‘Energizer bunnies’ who just keep going and going…with you following behind them most of the time to make sure they aren’t having any accidents or chewing on things. And don’t even get me started on the puppy ‘fangs’… 😊.

3. They require daily walks – even in the rain. Let’s be honest, winter months can be pretty dreary here in the Pacific Northwest and it can be tough to even want to leave the house. Your golden however likely loves the water and will find the rain and puddles super fascinating. Time to invest in a good Gore-Tex raincoat if you don’t already have one.

2. Your child’s stuffed toys will never be the same again. Goldens absolutely love stuffies and naturally assume your child wants to share theirs. They will carry them around in the mouths, slobber all over them, and there is nothing better than de-stuffing and shredding them – awesome fun!

1. You may never be able to get another breed of dog again. Despite all of the challenges with raising a sporting dog, goldens have a way of endearing themselves to their families so much (through they love and loyalty) that you may never want a breed other than a golden ever again.



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