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Welcome to the family, Copper!

What an amazing year it has been - 2020 so far has been nothing like anything we could have imagined! Like everyone else, we have just been trying to navigate all of the circumstances that were unexpected due to quarantines, work site closures, and kids at home from school. In our family, we are so grateful that all have remained healthy, safe, and (for the most part) productively occupied at home. The silver lining has also been that we have been able to stay home with the doggos and focus even more on raising our puppies!

One of our other blessings has also been the addition of Copper (JrCH Tramin Sorinsa) to our family! While I will be the first to admit we were not looking to expand the fur family...due to an unexpected turn of events with a good friend, who is a fellow breeder and mentor, the moon and stars aligned such that we were able to welcome Copper earlier this year. She might just be the friendliest golden gal we have ever met (no surprise, as she was raised by our friend)! Copper has an amazing pedigree - she is actually the daughter of the renowned International Champion C.I.B. Tramin Key Moon. She has a gorgeous dark golden coat with a creamy undercoat and lovely blocky head...but again, the most impressive part is when you meet this gal and see her 'smile' and warm greeting -- it would be impossible not to fall in love!!!

We'd love to give a warm welcome to Copper!!! You can find her page here.


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