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Love is in the air!!!!

Fitting for a chilly January and February near Valentine's Day - love is in the air over here! We are excited to announce that we are expecting two litters this Spring 2020 from Phoebe "Bee" & Finley and Capitolina "Lina" & Finley!

For Phoebe, this will be her last litter as she is just turning five years old. She is such a good momma, she is really in her element raising puppies and it has been a joy to see the pups from her previous litters as they grow up! We expect them to be little cream/light golden cuties. Phoebe has a bit finer build and head shape - she weighs about 55 lbs and Finley, as you may have seen from photos, has a really big blocky head and heavy boned build.

Lina's timing came a few weeks earlier than we anticipated (Mother Nature likes to surprise us sometimes!) and we are looking forward to her first litter with Finley. She is a wonderful experienced momma as well, her prior litters were with Tramin Talvez, including our own little Hazel (Nut). Lina is more of a medium golden color with a blocky head, she's on the smaller side as well at about 55 lbs. We think her puppies with Finley will be light/medium golden and just completely adorable.

If you are interested in learning more, please don't hesitate to contact us (via our contact page on the website) or by hitting the Puppy Reservation Inquiry button on our litter pages. Cheers!


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