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Chloe & Finley's Puppies Arrived!!!

Wow, what a a good way!!! Sure enough, just after our last litter went home, our house was not quiet for long. Last Saturday, August 25th, Chloe & Finley welcomed a new litter of puppies! Chloe is doing great - for a first time mamma, she really has things figured out. There are 6 girls and 5 boys in an array of colors from light cream golden to dark golden/red.

As with all litters the first week is eventful and full of joys and a bit of sleep deprivation... and few reminders of the ways of nature... With such a large litter, they are on a nursing rotation every 1-2 hours (all day & night long....). We have one little guy who is quite small but mighty - he is such a cutie - and he may need to spend some extra time here.

We've been in contact with families from referrals over the past few weeks/months who we are looking forward to meeting! We will be arranging visiting times this upcoming weekend and will begin to confirm reservations then. Please note, we will do the puppy picking once the pups are 5-6 weeks of age (in order of deposit/reservation) as that's when their little personalities start to shine through. We also offer 'visiting days' every other week or so (typically on weekends... or evenings by appt) so that families can visit the pups as they grow - and start the bonding process early to enable a smoother transition home at 8 weeks (Oct 20th).

It is amazing how much the pups grow each week. We are excited to share more photos and videos along the way - for the latest updates our Facebook page is usually the best source - or our PUPPIES page on our website. Cheers!


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