Four weeks old

Time has been flying by - it's hard to believe the pups turned 4 weeks old yesterday - on the 4th of July. Each week their development is noticeable and they are getting more and more fun :). This past week they were introduced to solid foods (mush). A couple of folks have asked what we feed them - Farmina N&D Pumpkin, Lamb, and Blueberries. It is a top-rated dog food which is grain free and non-GMO.

Their "wobble-walk" is getting steadier each day and they enjoy a couple of hours of outdoor playtime each day when the weather is nice. Next week they will go back to the vet for their check-ups and deworming. As they get bigger, their little personalities are showing up more. I will be contacting future families to schedule a time for puppy picks - starting late next week.

The Boys

Mr Red

Mr Gray

Mr Dark Blue

Mr Green

Mr Orange

The Girls

Miss Light Blue

Miss Yellow

Miss Violet


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