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The pups are growing so fast!!!

It's been a while since I last posted - my apologies - in all the excitement it has been hard to find a moment to write another blog post. Regardless, the pups are growing so fast!!! They have more than tripled in size from birth. At two weeks they opened their eyes and now at three weeks old they are starting their exposure to supervised outdoor playtime and eating 'mush' (aka soaked puppy food). Their teeth have come in and they are eating a ton, so this is the start of their transition onto solid foods and weaning -- a process which takes 2-3 weeks.

Thanks so much to all of the folks who have reserved the pups - we have really enjoyed meeting you! I will reach out to you shortly to schedule a time for 'picking' your pup. Their coat colors and personalities are starting to show through :).

Below are some puppy pics from when they were two weeks old, plus some recent group shots. Over the weekend I will work to get some updated individual pics. You can always check out our Facebook page for the latest photos.

Also, I'm really sorry to those who were later on the contact list and not able to reserve a pup - I would let you know there are some available from Lake Chelan Goldens' by Ranger and Faith. For more info on their current litter - please check out their Seattle Times Classified ad: Thanks so much for your interest!




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