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Just three weeks away...

Wow, time is flying by and we are really excited for the pups to arrive! Thanks to everyone who reached out with interest in our pups :). Goldens are such wonderful companions - they love the outdoors and are especially good with kids.

We have our reservation list going and will close it down shortly. At the end of next week we hope to get Bee back into the vet for her x-rays, which will give us a better estimate of how many pups there are. Of course, we won't know how many are boys or girls until they are born.

Bee is in her usual good spirits, although I do notice her pace has slowed a bit and her belly is starting to 'pop'. We are building her whelping box this weekend with hopes of introducing it before the pups show up. Our kiddos are fascinated with the whole process and have been extra loving and protective towards Bee.

We're enjoying the journey and look forward to sharing more pics as things progress!


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