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Being a Guardian Family for Big Rock Goldens is an excellent opportunity to have our pick of the litter but it also comes with a serious commitment to our breeding program. Please make sure you read through our Guardian Home  page before you fill out this form. Thank you for your interest in becoming a Guardian Home! 

Do you have a preference on a female or male guardian dog?
Do you have a preference for a puppy or slightly older dog?
Do you own your own home?
Do you have a fully fenced yard?
Is anyone in your household allergic to dogs?
Are you willing to transport your guardian dog to Sammamish, WA for any breeding related veterinary visits or activities?
Do you plan to live in the local area (within reasonable distance of Sammamish) for the next 5-7 years?
Do you know how to recognize the signs of a female dog's heat cycle and/or are you willing to learn?
Do you (and your whole family/household) feel able to emotionally and financially care for a dog?
Are you willing to cooperate, coordinate, and communicate with the breeder throughout the term of the guardianship?

Thanks so much for your interest in becoming a Guardian Home! Your application will be saved and when a female or male (depending on preference specified) becomes available, you will be contacted, based on the suitability of your home.

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